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Allow access to specific IPs from Intranet to isolated Guest Network clients

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Hi, I like to have my Guest Network and private LAN separated from each other. I have also a small web server at home, and I have set the DNSmasq server to point to the local IP of the server, to avoid having the data go trough my slow internet and back to my LAN (I'm in a double NAT setup, so loopback detection will most likely not work here).

From my private LAN whenever I access my website when I'm at home, the DNS server on my Asus router resolves the IP to the local IP of the server, which is exactly what I want. But when I'm connected to the Guest Network, the DNS server on the router still resolved to the LAN IP of the server (So far so good), but because I disabled access to the intranet from the Guest Network, I cannot access the server from my guest network.

Is there any way to forward (Or allow access to) a specific static IP from the intranet LAN to be accessible from the Guest Network?

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