Alternative to Virgin Media Hub 3

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Hello everyone,

we have Virgin Media Hub 3 at home. The problem is that the quality of wifi network in the opposite corner of our house is very poor.
When looking for some wifi router is there any number which describes wifi antenna which let me compare whether router X (read: its antenna) is better then the one in Hub 3 ?


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Have you considered other options besides replacing the wireless router? Because many times it's the environment that's the problem, and simply getting a bigger, bad'er wireless router is NOT necessarily going to solve the problem. Many a time I've had to consider bridging solutions, such as powerline or MoCA, terminated w/ either a wired connection or AP.

I'm not saying another wireless router *might* not solve the problem, but don't just assume that it will.


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Transmission power is capped on consumer devices.
Remember, wireless takes two to tango. It could be a weak client device rather than a weak signal from the wireless AP.
the antenna is not likely the major issue. Your walls and floors will have a significant impact. Can you just run a CAT5e cable to someplace that has line of sight to the area ? if so, you can place an AP there to fill in the wireless coverage.
If you have available RG6 cable, you could try a MOCA based ethernet extension.
Powerline would be the next choice, followed by one of the wireless mesh options.


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As the OP has a "Virgin Media Hub 3" we can assume he is in the UK as that device is supplied by the ISP. Consequently MoCA is not an option. The Hub 3 is a re-branded Arris device with internal antennas and poor WiFi coverage (usually made worse by being installed behind a TV).


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Thanks all. And yes, that is in UK.
I used powerline solution and it provides better (and much more stable) bandwidth than standard wifi coverage but still worse than max wifi we can have.
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A lot of the VM users switch the VM hub 3 into Modem mode, then connect their WiFi router/ access point to the Hub3. Beware the Hub3 will assume an IP address of and only issue ONE IP address via DHCP. My router brand of choice is ASUS, That is purely a personal opinion, others will have other opinions.

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