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Three 5g Zyxel Hub with Asus RT-AX88U

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New Around Here
Hello, Novice here!
I am using the Three 5G Zyxel Hub NR5103EV2 for my home Broadband. However, my wifi coverage is quite poor and I wondered if I could use my redundant Asus RT-AX88U with it to improve matters. I used to use my Asus router when previously on Virgin broadband.
I have today connected my AX88U to my Three 5g Hub via Ethernet. I have set my Three Hub to IP Passthrough Mode, and would like to simply set things up in a similar way to how I did when with Virgin.
I have successfully got my AX88U running and providing my wifi, however, the speeds aren't great at all, and not as fast as they were when simply using the Three Hub directly.
Has anybody got any tips or advice for me, am I missing something? Have I got to alter some settings?
Thanks in advance,
Welcome to the forums @magillmagic.

What are your ISP speeds now? What were your ISP speeds with Virgin?

What are your speeds, and which client device and speedtest site are you using to test with?

What firmware and version is your RT-AX88U running? Is this the latest version available?

Did you perform a full reset lately on the Asus router? If you're toggling settings on/off and/or using ports 5-8 on it, you may not be getting the full performance expected of the hardware.

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