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Assus and tp that won't talk to each other

Discussion in 'Routers' started by royarcher, May 26, 2019.

  1. royarcher

    royarcher Senior Member

    Apr 25, 2019
    from where women glow and men chunder
    I have an Asus rt ac 88 u with media streaming set up on it using express VPN s DNS servers.Along came TPGs NBN and their tp link v 1600 ,which I'm led to believe is not a terrible piece of hardware.So far so good not. I have the Asus set up so another router I own,a tp archer 1750 ,can pass through it straight to the modem so my wife can stream Aussie content in the bedroom while I stream US content in the lounge room. Now when I try and use the tp 1600 say as the no one router the Asus can't get internet access.When I use the Asus as the no one router the tp 1600 can't get internet access. Also whenever I try by connecting the tp 1600 to the modem,after unconnecting it I have to reboot the modem once and sometimes twice before the Asus will work again.It just seems to scramble everything
    Without the TPG router I can't get VoIP.Can anyone tell me what is going on.What am I missing.Ps please excuse the wall of text I am posting this on an old Windows 8
    1 phone and even though I put paragraphs in when I post it just joins it all into one block PPS I have changed the IP addresses so they don't match