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Looking to choose between ASUS and TP-Link mesh system

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New Around Here
Hi all,

I need advice on choosing between the Asus Aimesh and TP-Link Onemesh/Easymesh units for my 3-storey house.

Previously, I was using the AC86U as my Aimesh router and the AX58U as Aimesh node. However, last week, my AC86U stopped working, and I am currently using AX58U as my main router.

In my country, which is in the Asia Pacific region, TP-Link devices are much cheaper compared to Asus. For the same price, I can only buy used Asus wifi devices from Taobao, and they come with no warranty.

Currently I'm thinking about 2 options:

- Option 1: ASUS GT-AX6000/AX86U as Aimesh router + AX58U as aimesh node (currently using) + 2xTUF-AX5400/ 2xAX82U as aimesh node

- Option 2: TP-Link AX80 (new release) as Easymesh/Onemesh router + 3xAX55/ 3xAX73 as Easymesh/Onemesh node.

I really love the easy-to-setup Wireguard Server features and Opennat of ASUS to remote 2 of my PC (different internal IP) from the same port 3389.

I wonder if TP-Link can do the same? Their release info is clouded and there are so much hardware version of the same model.

Much appreciate for any answers :D

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