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Asus axe-1600 and ax-89x Can't keep stable LAN connection over 1Gb/s

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New Around Here
I have 2Gb/s fiber via Nokia ONT (xs-010x-q). I can get stable 1900 down and 900 up all day long if there is no router involved. I can go directly to my switch or one of the PCs in my house and get my full speed.
When i stick my ax89x after the ONT i get random disconnects. The message is (eth5: PHY Link is down). This happens every 4 to 55 minutes. Most of the time, i get reconnected right away in less than 30 seconds, sometimes it's a whole 2 minutes. I can see the router connection light go red and the light on the Ethernet port go out. I call Asus, they send me a new router. Same issue. I call them again, i get a 3rd ax-89x. same issue. Ai is off, QOS is off. I can use the router with standard gigabit wan and 8 gigabit lan port, all day long, no issues. The minute i switch to the ethernet 10gb wan, i start dropping connection randomly.

So i called asus and ask for a trade. They give me a brand new axe-1600
When i plug this in, i get 940 down and 900 up. half of my max speed. If i reset the router, it will give me full speed, but i start dropping connections like before with the ax89x.

This happens quite frequently. 2 out of 3 times i make a change where the router resets, i get half speed until i reset the router. When i am at half speed, things seem more stable. When i am at full speed, i am dropping connection. I am at wit's end. I have nothing trendmicro related turned on. I did even accepted the AI protection just to turn it on and made sure it's turned off and withdrew permission....still the same thing. I have tried rotating wan input and output between all 3 ports, no difference whatsoever.

Again, i can connect from ont to pc or switch just fine and get full stable speed. If i add the axe-1600 in, i start dropping connections sporadically. I went through and read all the things i can about which asus features to turn off....none of them are on. I disable all 4 wifi bands just to test. I even downloaded merlin bios. No difference. changed all cables around for no reason even though things work fine w/o the router. What am i missing. I am 2 months into this and it makes no sense.

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