Asus 4g AC 68U router : isp dhcp not functioning properly

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Hi everyone,

I recently upgraded my sim card to unlimited usage from my ISP in HK. I found that the error "isp dhcp not functioning properly" which stops me from using tethering, I wonder if there is any proper setting can solve the problem.

I have done some researches before, that some says the ISP bans your devices if your devices are not mobile phone, but some also says they succeed with other router such as Netgear M1(on the same ISP unlimited usage plan).

I am new to this forum, I wish I can learn some networking knowledge here or maybe better, someone has experienced the same can tell me what to do.

Steve Lam


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I have used an Android phone with a USB cable attached to the USB2 port on the router. Phone Connections Tethering turned on and router dual wan turned on. Worked well until I got my FIOS connection.


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I am not sure what went wrong, It seems like I messed up the configuration but don't know the root cause. Please advise if anyone knows something.

Thank you.



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