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Asus AC66u b1 with USB harddrive

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New Around Here

I have a AC66u with a connected USB harddrive.
I know speeds will not be that of NAS or a shared folder on PC but still I get about 30Mb/s

When I try to stream files VLC player always downloads the files and does not start streaming.
Apart form that if I use another player it streams but stutters and really unwatchable.

1. Is this really just a too bad solution vs shared harddrive on pc or NAS?
2. I read some about format as ext 2,3,4 or FAT32 or something instead of NTFS but today really!?
Would it help?
3. Trying with an old USB2 drive but still that should be sufficient.

My real main question is if this is just a bad solution all in all?



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