Asus AC86u + Asus AX92u: best way?

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Rick Dekard71

New Around Here

This is my first post here, I have been reading and enjoying this great forum, but now I am jumping to the arena.

I currently have an Asus Ac86u router. I am thinking of adding an AX92 to improve Wi-Fi coverage through AiMesh. My question is which router to leave as the main one and which one as node, since each method has its pros and cons:

1) AC86u as main and AX92u as node: I would take advantage of the most powerful AC86u processor. With ethe Ax92 as aimesh node, I assume its AX wifi would not work, since being a node, it would not be configurable

2) AX92u as principal and AC86u as node: it would have, in addition to the aimesh in the 2.4ghz and the 5ghz, a third wifi ax (without aimesh as the AC86 is not AX). Right?

Which path would you take? what about a 3rd option like adding a second AC86u and forget ax wifi?


Val D.

Very Senior Member
AX92u is not good enough?
- how many of your mobile wireless devices need >150Mbps speeds and for what exactly?
- browsing experience 150Mbps and up is all the same, most websites won't send you data faster anyway
- PCs, NAS, Servers, etc. work best wired, no need to push everything through WiFi
- AC 2x2 clients are pretty common, can do about 400Mbps throughput already
- most current AX productd don't support all AX standards, think about draft-AX models
- WiFi 6E with 6GHz band support is already coming, no current AX router supports it
- what exactly benefits you expect from an AX router vs AC Wave 2 routers?

RT-AC86U is cheaper*, has excellent WiFi** and is Asuswrt-Merlin supported (chance to get extra features). Running 2 x identical hardware devices + 2 x identical software packages may produce better AiMesh*** results than mix and match strategy. Speed wise it covers current needs and is actually faster than some low-end AX products.

* - if you can live with the reboot bug it comes with, more info here:
** - for a home router; business class APs easily outperform it in throughput and number of connected clients
*** - currently in a bit AiMess state, but the development is in progress and it's getting better

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