Asus DDNS not updating after reboot

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I was having trouble connecting to one of my routers after a reboot using the Asus DDNS, so I had a look at the logs and noticed that it always seems to get stuck at the same place after a reboot:
inadyn[983]: Failed connecting to Operation now in progress
inadyn[983]: Failed to get IP address for [email protected], giving up!
inadyn[983]: Update forced for alias, new IP# XX.XX.XX.XX
Where XX.XX.XX.XX is usually the old ip.

Once I manually find the router IP, I can ssh into the router and run:

service start_ddns

which will update the Asus ddns as expected with the correct IP, so not sure why it doesn't work at boot.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!

Router with issue: ASUSWRT-Merlin RT-AC68U 384.19_0

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