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Release ASUS GT-BE25000 Firmware version

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ASUS GT-BE25000 Firmware version

66.96 MB

New Features:
Introduced AURA Night Mode.
Added Multi-link Operation (MLO) network in Guest Network Pro.
Added automatic WAN/LAN detection feature.

Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements:
Enhanced connectivity for WiFi 7 devices.
Fixed client binding issues on AiMesh nodes.
Resolved AiMesh node broadcast issues in Guest Network Pro.
Corrected Link Aggregation UI errors.
Fixed Guest Portal bugs.
Improved AiMesh system stability.
Addressed DNS errors affecting internet access for Guest Network Pro and VPN connections.
Resolved the issues of WireGuard client profile names.
Fixed dual WAN and VLAN 4094 IoT issues.

Security Updates:
Fixed code execution in custom OVPN.
Fixed CVE-2023-48795, CVE-2023-41913

Please unzip the firmware file, and then verify the checksum.
SHA256: afa0d11a9eb2bd4a4450639c7bbe2700f0b200b4fb431b2c1ee877d0cce9eca0


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