Solved ASUS Merlin - Can't Add VPN Director Rules, No Buttons


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Hi, this is just a keyword topic for anyone struggling with the same thing I did where suddenly all rules were gone and the buttons to add or remove them under VPN Settings are gone.


Well, here's a solution. this is due to a bad design where information is not told on the spot and you end up thinking that Merlin is broken.

Anyhow, to add these you now need to visit a separate TAB called VPN DIRECTOR. It's at the top

VPN Status
VPN Director
VPN Server
VPN Client
Instant Guard

Jack Yaz

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Or read the changelogs?

386.3 (23-July-2021)
- NEW: Introducing VPN Director, which replaces the original
policy routing management interface for OpenVPN clients.
A bit similar to Asus's own VPN Fusion, OpenVPN routing
rules are now managed through a central web interface,
and they are stored in JFFS instead of nvram, to allow
creating more rules, and free up some nvram for
nvram-limited devices such as the RT-AC68U.
See the Wiki for more information.



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Way to blame users for bad UI design :) yes, read changelogs, or read a Windows 8 book to find charms because implementation sux, nothing to do with poor UI at all, just stupid users.


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When new features are added, new actions need to be learned and used.

Asking questions is an effective way to learn. Blaming anyone but yourself makes only you look bad.

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