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Asus router suggestion for >1200Mbps via WAN port (Comcast)

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Tri-Band Modem
It's possible they don't have 160mhz channels enabled and thus nothing over 1ge on wifi. Most cpe wifi gear lacks the prosumer settings like 160. I can get 1.7gbps using 160 and an ax411 card with my AP. 1.4 is the max on CC though wired or wifi
Not an issue with Comcast as you can keep all of your email addresses even if you disconnect all services.

Still avoid it when possible, my mom is in this boat, has had her comcast email (well, AT&T then comcast) for 20+ years. They have semi-regular outages and other issues like silently blocking you from sending any emails if you receive a blacklisted DHCP IP, and tons of spam (worse even than outlook or gmail). Plus IMAP is lame.

While it is unlikely comcast will go belly up, never know when an ISP will go under or get bought out, eventually requiring you to move to their new domain, etc. Or of course you move to a new area or get a new ISP, who wants to keep using their old ISP email system which may be even more problematic coming from outside their network.

You do have to remember to log into comcast webmail every so many months to not get deactivated too, using an email client won't keep it active.

Trying to get her to start moving stuff to a new email address but she's resistant. It is what it is. I will admit their policy is nice, that only came about in the last 5 to 10 years, you used to get like 90 days to move off it if you cancelled.
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I'm getting 1.4Gb WIRED from my XB8 using a M1 MacBook Pro and a USB-C to RJ45 adapter to the 2.5Gb port on the XB8. (I pay for 1.2Gb from Xfinity). 2 feet away on WiFi I only get 800Mb. The M1 MacBook doesn't support WiFi 6E so I went to the apple store and bought am M2 MacBook Pro which does support WiFi 6E. I got the same exact results with both machines. I returned the M2 MacBook to the Apple Store.

The XB8 SAYS the 6GHz is ENABLED. Is there something else I've got to do to get the Tri out of this Tri-Band Modem? Just ordered a iPhone 15 Pro Max to add to my WiFi 6E compatible devices.

You went and bought a new several thousand $ laptop to attempt to get another few hundred meg of throughput when you're already getting nearly a gig? Most likely the XB8 needs 160mhz channel enabled on 5 or 6ghz (if it supports it, and if the macbook does too) to do better than 800M.

Your phone is never going to saturate your internet connection, and why would it need to? That's an even bigger waste of money, are you trying to torrent from your phone or something?

I swear the ISPs and computer/phone manufacturers are coordinating this to make people spend a bunch of money they don't need to.

Are you going to replace everything again as soon as wifi 7 support comes to apple devices next year?
apple devices next year?
That's wishful thinking if you look back on how long it takes them to refresh to current specs there's quite the delay. Their current offerings just picked up AX after it's been available for a couple of years and IIRC they just added 6ghz adapters to their device lineup. I wouldn't expect them to add BE support for a few years unless they change their approach. I mean the IP 15 added USBC but, 480mbps data rate and still 20W of charging. My phone at least can do 80/100W and has BE built in yet, the data is still 480 because it's proprietary charging an not USB-IF certified / PD. That's ok though since WIFI is faster than the port would be anyway. When I got it I cloned the old one to the new one with their app and it setup an adhoc network between them and synced everything in a few minutes.

Most phones though are still playing catch up in terms of charging and wifi. There's quite a few handsets that are still under 30W for charging even with their 5 figure price tags. People fall for it based on marketing and not knowing better or investigating the finer details before buying. No one wants to be the kid w/o the same device as their friends and coworkers.
IP 15 added USBC

And not by choice, even though they touted it as a feature :)

As far as charging, I actually want to charge mine as slowly as possible. Android has adaptive charging and I use it always. I charge once a day, at night, and I'm perfectly happy for it to take hours to charge. Now that batteries aren't replacable, want them to last as long as possible.

In absence of adaptive charging I used to use a 5W adapter which charged it nice and slow.
At least the EU put a chink in the armor to force a change.

I also charge slower but, USB PD through my power bank. 20-30w is plenty for my phone as it's quite efficient at power draw most of the time. It also adapts based on the charge level. It has a dual split cell setup which is how it can hit 80w on a fast charge.

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