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New ISP, New Speed, now need new ASUS Router

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I recently upgraded to Windstream kinetic fiber. I have the 2GB symentrical package. I left Comcast with a 1000/40 speed. I currently use a RT-AC5300 with Merlin. Performance has been fine with it and wireless OK. I am looking to upgrade to a new ASUS, compatible with Merlin and able to support the 2GB speeds from kinetic. The WAN port on the ONT is 2.5GB. What would be some recommendations at what model? Thanks!
You'll want something with at least two 2.5+ Gbps ports, like the GT-AX6000 or RT-AX88U_PRO.

The GT-BE98, GT-BE98_PRO and RT-BE96U will be additional options in the near future.
Agree. I’ve been really happy with the GT-AX6000 and the RT-AX88U PRO looks solid. The latter you are starting to see discounted pricing on eBay. These are both the sweet spot IMO for price / performance.

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