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Asus Routers and IPV6 configuration for Spectrum Internet

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Hey all,
Does anyone here from the U.S have Spectrum with an Asus router? I was curious what the correct settings were for IPV6? On the routers I've configured in the past, usually I've set it to dynamic and Dual stack. Asus has more options than I'm used to in certain areas.

I have only been able to find generic information on configuration. I'm looking for specifics so I don't guess and set something wrong. With this said, how are Asus routers with IPV6 enabled, do I need to be concerned about stability issues? I won't turn it on, if that's the case and stick to IPV4 which has been working fine. However, if it's stable, I'll enable it since Spectrum supports it.

Why do you want to enable IPv6? What benefits do you expect to get?
Well, I have not specific need that I'm aware of, I keep checking on the progress of the rollout, but the main thing I can really find is it adds security. Is there no need to enable it at this point?
but the main thing I can really find is it adds security.

It adds one more door to your network. If you don't know what traffic can go through this door and how to control it, don't enable it. It is disabled by default for a reason. In general, don't enable options you don't need.
It adds one more door to your network. If you don't know what traffic can go through this door and how to control it, don't enable it.
I'll do more research before I enable it to make sure I actually need it in my setup, the initial impressions was it was for local network traffic and it helped get around communication problems of NAT on the local network when it comes to inter communications. Beyond that, I know very little, so I'll leave it alone until I know more.

One question I wanted to append to this, is does Asus save your router settings in the cloud? I didn't have to accept the trend micro agreement again on the 86U after having accepted it on the 82U. I've also noticed some of the settings I had set carried over to the new router automatically. As far as that goes, the 82U has been returned to Amazon, and I've been refunded for that router, so it's no longer in my possession. I had also factory reset it before sending it back. So was just curious as why the brand new 86U picked up my settings from it, before resetting the first router.
You may need it in some specific cases. We had a long discussion here.

How did you set up your new AX86U router? What was the procedure?
After power cycling the modem and turning on the new router, I went to router.asus.com when I set the password and username, I used the ones from the other router since they were in my keychain already. Beyond that I simply went through the setup wizard, but It seems like it remembered who I was. So that's why I was curious if Asus ties settings to an account once one router is setup.
See here how many Asus routers I had in my collection just recently. None had a clue who I am after factory reset. :)

OK, sounds good. I also have the Asus Router app on my iphone. I've turned off remote access and DDNS on the router so I the app only has local access, as I won't need it outside the home. I usually set routers up in the web management interface, then connect the mobile app once they are configured.

Thanks again.
I can't have any recommendations. If you are asking about VPN options on Raspberry Pi, open a separate thread. There is no Pi in this thread.

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