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  1. K

    Unable to establish PPPoE session with ISP

    Hi Anyone got any suggestion on RT-AX58U, I am trying to replace my ISP's router with Asus RT-AX58U running merlin 384.19, using PPPoE Connection. I've entered my username and password however I worry that it doesn't get to the authentication step as changing the password for something random...
  2. mac_angel

    Need help getting ExpressVPN to work on an Asus router.

    I have an Asus RT-AX86U and yesterday I ordered ExpressVPN. I was able to set it up easily enough, downloading the .ovpn file from ExpressVPN. When I do an IP look up, my IP address shows the city of the server I have been selecting. I live in Canada, and I have been selecting Canadian servers...
  3. xendi

    Diversion Diversion Regexp

    Hi all. Maybe this has already been discussed and need not be relitigated but why use host file format? Why not regexp? regexp > hosts file format, sort of obviously?
  4. T

    Asus RT-AC88U with Merlin and Mullvad VPN

    Hi all Pardon my noobinations, I'm looking for a few pointers please with configuring Asus RT-AC88U on Merlin with Mullvad VPN. Router firmware is updated to Merlin 384.19 and so far using Mullvad App currently from pc. Required: 1) 1st Wifi not routed through VPN* 2) 2nd Wifi routed through...
  5. Kashif Tasneem

    NTP Server Sync error on AX-11000

    Hi. Since last night I am getting NTP Server Sync error. I haven't changed anything recently. The error is: "* Reminder: The system time has not been synchronized with an NTP server." Time showing in System log is: "Sat, May 05 10:18:02 2018" I have tried different NTP servers and pinged...
  6. N

    RT-AX58U QoS does not limit upload

    My internet connection is cable 100/5. I was using RT-AC68U before with Merlin firmware with these settings: Adaptive QoS, fq_codel Cable(DOCSIS) 18 WAN packet overhead Manual limit: 80 / 2.5 It was working pretty good. --- Recently I `upgraded` to RT-AX58U. Installed Merlin, did the same...
  7. U

    IPv6 Native vs Passthrough (2-Router LAN)

    Topology Two ASUS routers: 1st plugged into a modem (w/ WAN aggregation) 2nd plugged into the first router both are in router mode and not set up as an AP One of the reason I opted for this setup is that I liked the idea of having a firewall on the client-router in order to apply some more...
  8. F

    Need help with choosing an AiMesh router

    Hey everyone! I am currently using the RT-AC5300 for 4 years now but I have an issue with the range. From the router to my room, there are 2 walls and the network or WiFi strength is quite bad. I am thinking of getting another ASUS router to setup as a mesh/node. Any recommendations?
  9. J

    Mesh network mixed with AC and AX w/ Ethernet Backhaul

    Hi all, I would like to finally upgrade to ax network and here's my current setup: Optical modem -cat6-> Asus RT-AC88u (dual band AC1000 + 2167Mbps on ground floor) -cat6-> Netgear N router (on top floor) as Access Point while running different SSID. When I set both to same SSID and I walk...
  10. _dumper

    Asus RT-AC86U bricked

    Hi Guys, I have problem with my rt-ac86u it's bricked during update. I tried use tools to recover firmware for mac and windows but still nothing. Ok so what i have now: - I tried method 30/30/30 - When turn on i have only power led lighting - When i connect by LAN - led of lan is lightning but...
  11. Scobie

    Is there any way to block certain URLs for certain MAC addresses? (YES - solved)

    I just got a new Asus router and I installed Merlin and Diversion and so far it's looking amazing, big props to the developers. Anyway, stock Asus only has firewall blocking for every device, and parental controls blocks too many sites. How do I block URLs for certain MAC addresses? In practice...
  12. Jayce Ooi

    Asus RT-AX86U vs RT-AC86U - Battle of the Best AC WiFi 5 & AX WiFi 6 Router - Worth the Upgrade?

    Author's Note: The original review can be found at my blog - Asus RT-AX86U vs RT-AC86U @ Asus RT-AX86U is an excellent Wi-Fi 6 router. Period. If you have not watched my review about it, please do so now. Not going to repeat here again but do a comparison against its predecessor –...
  13. Jayce Ooi

    [Review] Asus PCE-AX58BT / PCE-AX3000 - Worth to Buy Over Generic Chinese Intel AX200 AX Wi-Fi 6 Card?

    Author's Note: The original review can be found at my blog - Asus PCE-AX58BT Review @ Hey guys, I am back again with Asus PCE-AX58BT. AX3000 Dual Band PCI-E WiFi 6 (802.11ax) Adapter with 2 external antennas. Supporting 160MHz, Bluetooth 5.0, WPA3 network security, OFDMA and...
  14. Jayce Ooi

    Asus RT-AX56U vs RT-AX3000 / RT-AX58U - Which Wireless Router is Better on WiFi 5, 6 & AiMesh?

    Author's Note: The original review can be found at my blog - Asus RT-AX56U vs RT-AX3000 @ Hi guys, I have the chance to re-visit budget Wi-Fi 6 router - Asus RT-AX56U. Managed to test it with Wi-Fi 6 device and AiMesh ability. Of course, compared it to slightly expensive RT-AX3000...
  15. wild4gwonderer

    [UK] Asus 4G-AC68U router, constantly dropping connection on EE mobile network?

    Hi all, I recently decided to give up fixed line ADSL as I will be travelling around the UK a lot. After doing some research into 4G Wireless routers, I settled with the ASUS 4G-AC68U partly because it looks cool and also due to its WIFI antenna ranges. Initial testing of the router was done...
  16. R

    Allow pings from a single IP

    Hello, If ICMP (pings, etc.) is blocked in the firewall, it is possible to white list a single ip? ...using SSH or Telnet, the web interface only allows to enable all or none. Thank you
  17. L

    Need Family & Parental Control Help... Web UI different than Mobile app?

    Hoping someone know these settings well? I have an RT-AC86U I setup both... Family Members, in the Android App; and Parental Controls + Time Scheduling in the Web UI Looks like the built-in Web UI is different than the mobile app? The ASUS Router Mobile App lets me add Family Member names and...
  18. giopas

    Time to rebuild the home network?

    Hi all, I live in a house composed by groundfloor, first floor, mezzanine and basement (overall ~150sq/m) and I currently have the following set up: Router on the ground floor: RT-AC87U (running Asus Merlin fw) Wifi AP on the first floor: RT-AC68U (wired, in bridge mode, to extend wireless)...
  19. A

    RT-AX86U Works great, except when it doesn't.

    You have one thread on this already
  20. Jayce Ooi

    [Review] Asus RT-AX86U

    Author's Note: The original review can be found at my blog - Asus RT-AX86U Review @ Yeah, the legendary Asus RT-AC86U successor is here at last! Meet AX5700 WiFi 6 Gaming Router – RT-AX86U. It is powered by 1.8 GHz quad-core processor. Loaded with Mobile Game Mode for a lag-free...