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ASUS RT 86u looses Open VPN settings


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I have an RT 86u router running 383.14_2.
Anytime the router reboots it looses the Open VPN server users. They then have to all be re-entered.
Same thing happened with Asus stock firmware and Merlin 383.14.
The server users do not save in the configuration file when saved either.
Is this normal behavior for this router? If not, do you know the fix.
Thank you.


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This is not normal behavior. If memory is OK then you may need to do a factory reset, NVRAM clear, reload firmware and then reconfigure from scratch. If that doesn't solve the issue then try the full Nuclear Reset which L&LD has detailed in his signature.


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@sleeperb, yes, this certainly isn't normal.

Look in my signature below for the links for the M&M Config and also the Nuclear Reset guide too to get your router back to a good/known state.

I am assuming here that you have flashed RMerlin firmware to the router without doing a full reset to defaults, followed by a minimal and manual configuration to secure the router and connect to your ISP (do not use a saved backup config file).


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Thanks to all for procedures to correct this fault. I will give it a try and let you know what transpires.


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I reset the router to factory settings a couple of times. Still had issues. Reset again and reloaded firmware and for 2 days has been working fine.
Thanks again for the advice.

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