Asus XT8 - Wireless clients are faster than clients wired to node

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Hi there,
i have a work setup wired directly to my XT8 node. I'm currently using wireless backhaul and the latest firmware. When I'm running speedtest on my 2013 Macbook Pro using wifi (Wifi 5), I get double the throughput that I do with my windows work laptop (HP Probook, 2020) that is wired. I figured whatever latency, from wifi to node, would be eliminated by wiring directly but I'm seeing half the throughput. Both laptops are located on the same desk?

Any suggestions?


Mr. Easy
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Are you sure the WiFi computer is connected to the wired node?


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I have turned off wifi on the computer I've wired to the node (HP) and I can confirm the computer I am connecting with wifi (MacBook pro) is connecting to the same node, but using wifi. Yet the speedtest numbers from the wifi computer are doubling the numbers from the wired computer.


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In this scenario, it could very well be the driver for (presumably) the dongle you have connected to your laptop

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