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ASUS XT9 ZenWifi

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I kindly need some help with my new XT9.

The WAN connects randomly, I have a FTTH connection with EIR, in Ireland.

With my previous routers (lbr20 and deco pro 75), the only requirements were ppoe, vlan ID 10.

Even if I configured the above correctly in the XT9, I keep seeing PADO timeout in the logs.

If I change the vlan Id to something else and change it back, but the same goes for some other settings, the router connects immediately.

Than, if I disable upnp, the connection drops again
Brief update, I changed the vlan if from 10 to 4, back to 10.
Connected immediately.
Changed the static assignment of one lan ip... Router applied settings, and WAN dropped.
This is ISP specific question. Perhaps you need to ask your ISP how to use the service with own router.
Hi, unfortunately, Irish ISP's provide ZERO help and support, their ONLY answer is "use the router we gave you".
Since I am good "enough" with the technical side of things and I have narrowed down the problem can someone please at least try to give me a few pointers for troubleshooting?

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