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ASUSTOR AS6104T Price Drop

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I've been sitting quietly, waiting for the Asustor AS5104T to drop in price in the past year, thanks to the SmallNetBuilder article about how nice a NAS this device is.


While checking prices recently, I saw that the AS6104T is quite cheap these days, hovering around 430-440EUR. Comparatively, the AS5104T is still above 480EUR, and looks to be harder to find these days. The AS6104T looks to have dropped in price considerably around end of Jan / beginning of Feb 2016. Edit: same goes for AS6204T, same time frame, over 100EUR price drop.


Anyone have any thoughts on whether the AS6104T is a capable substitute for the AS5104T? Comparing benchmarks, it seems the AS6104T is slightly slower, but can support 4k video (which I currently don't need).

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