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Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 3004.388.7 beta is now available

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Asuswrt-Merlin dev
Asuswrt-Merlin 3004.388.7 beta 1 is now available for all supported Wifi 6 devices.

Changes since last release:

  - NOTE: RT-AX56U is exceptionally included in this release.

  - NEW: IGD2 support for UPNP/PCP.  This will allow IPv6 pinhole
         support for clients.  It must be enabled on the WAN
         page.  Existing pinholes will be listed on the
         System Log -> IPV6 page.

         Note that IGDv2 has compatibility issues with various
         clients that do not properly follow the standard.
  - UPDATED: Openvpn to 2.6.10.
  - UPDATED: wsdd2 to 2023-12-21 snapshot.
  - UPDATED: miniupnpd to 2.3.6.
  - UPDATED: wireguard kernel to v1.0.20220627.
  - UPDATED: wireguard tools to 2023-08-04 snapshot.
  - UPDATED: dropbear to 2024.84.
  - CHANGED: Hardcoded location of the CA bundle in inadyn, so it
             no longer needs to be manually defined in custom
  - CHANGED: Re-designed Tools->Sysinfo page, adding graphs
             and removing useless content.
  - CHANGED: Updated free memory report on networkmap to also
             consider reclaimable memory as being free (kjbracey)
  - CHANGED: "Prevent client auto DoH" will also prevent the use of
             Apple's iCloud Private Relay.
  - CHANGED: NAT Passthrough page - removed the "Enabled + NAT
             Helper" option as the firewall no longer blocks
             traffic when set to disabled.  This is back to the
             former behaviour, where this setting only controls
             whether or not to load the NAT helper.  You might
             need to readjust that setting if you had previously
             changed it.
  - CHANGED: SIP, RTSP and H323 ALG (NAT helpers) are now
             disabled by default, as these legacy features tend
             to create issues with modern VoIP setups.
             This change will only apply to people doing a
             factory default reset of their router.
  - FIXED: Concurrent cronjob changes through cru could cause
           collisions, leading to missing jobs (dave14305)
  - FIXED: crond would not use the new timezone if it got changed.
  - FIXED: MiniDLNA web interface could only be accessed through an
           IP address (regression in 3004.388.6).
  - FIXED: CVE-2023-5678 & CVE-2024-0727 in openssl (backport from
           Ubuntu by RSDNTWK)
  - FIXED: Long lists on System Log -> Connections tab could result
           in a timeout (Sani Huttunen)
  - REMOVED: Temperature page (charts are now part of the redesigned
             Tools->Sysinfo page).

Things requiring particular testing:
  • Wireguard
  • IGDv2. Make sure you read the changelog first.
  • New Sysinfo page
  • WSDD device discovery

Please keep discussions on the changes specific to this beta release. Off-topic posts will be either ignored, moved or deleted.

Downloads are here.
Changelog is here.
Reserved post.
Thank you very much for the beta.
Screenshot 2024-04-20 at 12-31-13 ASUS Wireless Router GT-AXE16000 - System Information.png

Dirty to 7_beta1 was smooth and uneventful.
WG working without issues.
I posted a pic of the sysinfo page "So Nice"
Thank You as always RMerlin for your hard work and assistance!
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all is working well thanks , memory use is down 10% from other Firmwares it has always been at 63% now at 53% , wiregaurd and all else works as expected .
Upgraded from Alpha, all is smooth...
Dirty update from alpha2. No noticeable issues.
I'm in, dirty up from alpha's. Thanks @RMerlin !
upgraded without any issues. thanks @RMerlin
Dirty upgrade, came up clean, even updated the Cert for DDNS
Been running for just over an hour, but so far eveything working as designed

Wireguard - test fine, Windows Laptop, Android Tablets, IPhones
New Sysinfo page - came up clean and accurate
WSDD device discovery - all devices discovered and accessed

Great job!
OMG, what is this update... connection breakdowns, crashes, freezes on my router... :eek:
Nah, only joking, so far so good! God bless you, @RMerlin !
All units updated and working well so far:
AX88U Pro
@RMerlin did you end up fixing the bug or reverting the kernel module on the RT-AX58U? Just curious.

I did some research, but don't have time to test a possible fix at the moment. Worst case scenario these two models (one of which is EOL anyway) will be reverted back to the previous kernel module.

The kernel module hasn't been updated since 2022 by its developer. “
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