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Release Asuswrt-Merlin 3004.388.6 is now available

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Asuswrt-Merlin dev
Asuswrt-Merlin 3004.388.6 is now available for all supported Wifi 6 models. This release focuses on merging new GPL code from Asus.

26-Feb-2024: Asuswrt-Merlin 3004.388.6_2 is now available.

3004.388.6_2 (26-Feb-2024)
  - UPDATED: dnsmasq to 2.90 (resolves CVE 2023-50868 and CVE 2023-50387).
  - FIXED: LACP support was missing on the XT12.

Exceptionally, this release also includes the RT-AX56U. While this device still remains "end of life", Asus provided GPL code for it, so I decided to release a firmware for that model as well.

3004.388.6 (20-Jan-2024)
  - NOTE: Since Asus provided GPL code for the RT-AX56U, this model
          will exceptionally be included with this release, despite
          still being considered being end-of-life.

  - NOTE: Asus reworked the way SSL certificates are handled in
          24353.  The automatic conversion code does not always
          work properly, you might need to force your router
          to re-generate its SSL certificates by toggling the
          SSL mode on the DDNS page.

  - NEW: Added ethtool to the firmware.
  - UPDATED: Merged GPL 388_24353.
  - UPDATED: nano to 7.2.
  - UPDATED: ncurses to 6.3.
  - UPDATED: OUI database used by networkmap and the webui.
  - FIXED: CVE-2023-48795 in dropbear.
  - FIXED: e-Learning category not always properly identified
           on the Classification/Stats page.
  - FIXED: Incorrectly report 2.4 GHz as being disabled when
           disabling 6 GHz on the GT-AXE16000.
  - FIXED: UPNP leases without a description would not appear
           on the Forwarded Ports page.

Please keep discussions on this specific release. This thread will eventually be locked once release feedback has died down.

Downloads are here.
Changelog is here.
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Let's go!
First to comment here after @RMerlin
Updated from beta1 that was running stable for 14 days. No noticeable issues. Thanks RMerlin.
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Let's GO!

EDIT: Filthy upgrade from Beta 1 successful across all gear. No issues of the bat. Have done a full recycle of all the gear after about 20 mins and will let it settle in now. 100+ devices back on-line.

Everything checks out OK so far - DDNS good, VPN Director good, DNS Director good, IOT/Nest/TP-Link/Google devices all happy and re-connected. Will check incoming VPN later when I'm out and about.

Internet speed as expected.



As always, many thanks to @RMerlin and team.

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Already in 😁
After the WiFi stability of the last beta I just had too.
Thanks @RMerlin

Edit: Image added for context
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Successful upgrade on RT-AX86U Pro to 388.6 from 388.6_beta1
  • 6 devices wired
  • 10 Sengled bulbs on 2.4ghz (ch 1 - 20mhz)
  • 11 assorted Google devices on 5ghz including two Pixel phones w/ ax (ch 157 - 80mhz)
  • dns server,
Thank you @RMerlin
Dirty update on a RT-AX86U Pro from beta. Did have to reapply the YazFi settings post firmware update to kick YazFi into gear.
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From Beta to Final, fast and problem free.
From Beta to Stable

After Beta release I did reset, and restored backup config.
I suggest you the same if anything weird pop up.

No issues, everything appears to be stable.
Upgrade from beta1 to stable... Everything is up and running. OVPN works as expected!

Thanks again @RMerlin

Just Perfect!

Smoothest upgrade EVER!
Wish for more releases like this one.
Thank you @RMerlin !
Upgraded, dirty mode from beta, no issues so far...

Thanks @RMerlin
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Gotta say, it is the very first stable that EVERYTHING is SO SMOOTH!
IoT is not fooling around (got Sensibo that are usually making me hard life), the AIMesh system synced perfectly.

Maybe this time ASUS got it right about the WiFi drivers? For real this time?
Not sure, but I LOVE IT

first time no one here is claiming about anything.

Thank you once more @RMerlin !
first time no one here is claiming about anything.
It probably has the same errors in the closed source wlceventd that I reported in the beta thread just before the final was released...

(Can't upgrade right now; maybe tomorrow night)

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