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Avoid Coolmax and the other cheap NAS clonings

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Here my bad experience with a cheap NAS.
I made the mistake to buy NS-348S. It is the same as the reviewed here Coolmax CN-570, but in a different box.

Well, it costs only 50 euro, but I regret the money. The device is complete crap, absolutely unreliable. May be it is because it has only 32 MB RAM.
I bought it for its features - bittorrent, NAS, USB ports, printer support.

But I cannot use any of them. The bittorent client works, but is limited only to 10 torrents, and only two of them active at a time. On top of that, its max speed is about 900 KB /sec, while from a PC I get 3.8 MB /sec.

Seeing that I decided to use the PC torrent client, but place the files on the NAS. It would give file errors once you start downloading and make few connections. But at the same time file copying from Windows works well - perhaps the internal samba client gets overloaded - again lack of memory?

The USB - if I detach net connection and attach the NAS to a computer using the USB port, it would take a long time to recognize the drive. Well, may be I put too big a drive inside, a 750 GB Hitachi. But then, I detach teh USB and again attach the net connection - it would not work.

It used to help to restart it, but today even that does not help. I should have paid a little more and got another Linkstation Live, mine works flawlessly for an year. It is not that more expensive, considering it comes with a drive.
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I tried to flash it via the web interface, it shown "updating" for 10 mins. I restarted it and now it is bricked, functions only as a USB enclosure.
Well, it is not so much of a loss, the transfer speed is up to 27MB/sec, while on the net link it was only up to 2.5 MB /sec.

Useful links for owners of this or similar crappy NASes:

There is not yet a separate wiki on NAS-central for this specific "brand".
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