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AX-GT600 internet speeds increase after cloning MAC.

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Apologize if this is the wrong forum. But need some insight on this one. This problem does appear to be somewhat intermittent and when it does happen, tends to only last a few hours at night.

Currently have a Sagecom 3896U Cable Modem connected to an Asus AX-GT600 running the latest stock firmware. Speeds from ISP are 2.5Gb/75Mb. I have the GT600 connected to the 2.5Gb WAN to Cable Modem and my main system hardwired to the 2.5Gb LAN. When working properly I do see roughly 2300Mb down when testing to my ISP's and other local speed tests. I see the same results using the speed test page on the router itself.

When the issue starts to happen my download speeds drop to 100-200Mb, last night it was the worst at about 50Mb. I noticed when connecting my main system directly to the cable modem speeds would go right back up. I kind of stumbled upon the MAC cloning on the router and tested it using the MAC from my main system and speeds went back up to where they should be. Removed the MAC clone and speeds dropped, did it a few times to confirm.

Called the ISP and they are a bit clueless, of course blaming the router. Of course it's not super helpful as it is no longer doing it, which makes it harder to diagnose. I am probably going to swap out the cable modem as a first step, but if anyone has any other ideas/suggestions on what could be going on, it would be much appreciated.
So run the "cloned" MAC if that maintains your connectivity. No harm, no foul! Spend your ever-shorter time worrying about something else.
So run the "cloned" MAC if that maintains your connectivity. No harm, no foul! Spend your ever-shorter time worrying about something else.

hahah oh for sure. I probably should have included that question if there is any negatives in doing that. But I guess I am now just curious on what is causing it. Intermittent and appears to happen between the hours of 6-9pm when it does.
It's the ISP's doing. If they don't know how to fix it, you've got your ready solution. MAC address means relatively little anymore. Sure, it's hardcoded in devices as a unique identifier, but since it's readily, and often nowadays /is/ altered (MAC randomization for WiFi by default in Apple and Android phones, for example), it's really become a moot point. Don't fret even a moment over it.
Can you please verify which model you are using. The one indicated isn't one.

Also, perform an electrical reset.

Turn off all your network devices, wait a minute or two, then power each one up, beginning with the modem/ONT.

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