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AX6600 - Wifi frequent disconnect

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New Around Here
I have AX6600 mesh connect to AT&T Gateway. But frequently having internet disconnect issue. One example log as below. Can anyone help diagnose? Thx!

Oct 23 23:51:06 kernel: eth0 (Int switch port: 1) (Logical Port: 1) (phyId: 7) Link DOWN.

Oct 23 23:51:09 kernel: eth0: sysport_tm port shaper set to 2497500 kbps, 150000 mbs (phy speed 2500000 kbps)

Oct 23 23:51:09 kernel: eth0 (Int switch port: 1) (Logical Port: 1) (phyId: 7) Link Up at 2500 mbps full duplex

Oct 23 23:51:13 WAN Connection: WAN(0) link up.

Oct 23 23:51:13 rc_service: wanduck 1611:notify_rc restart_wan_if 0

Oct 23 23:51:16 wan: finish adding multi routes

Oct 23 23:51:17 miniupnpd[25792]: shutting down MiniUPnPd

Oct 23 23:51:17 miniupnpd: it is advised to use network interface name instead of

Oct 23 23:51:17 ddns: update WWW.ASUS.COM update@asus.com, wan_unit 0

Oct 23 23:51:17 ddns: Clear ddns cache.

Oct 23 23:51:17 ddns: Start Inadyn(10).

Oct 23 23:51:17 inadyn[23979]: In-a-dyn version 2.8.1 -- Dynamic DNS update client.

Oct 23 23:51:17 miniupnpd[23965]: HTTP listening on port 35668

Oct 23 23:51:17 miniupnpd[23965]: Listening for NAT-PMP/PCP traffic on port 5351

Oct 23 23:51:17 ddns: ddns update ok

Oct 23 23:51:21 WAN Connection: WAN was restored.

Oct 23 23:51:25 BWDPI: fun bitmap = 50b

Oct 23 23:51:26 kernel: Archer TCP Pure ACK Enabled
Link Down may indicate cable issue. Try the Gigabit WAN port, a new Ethernet cable or both.

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