AX86U Diversion Certificate Error and High Ram Usage


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Hello all,
I cannot access since I get an error about certificates.
I have installed ca.crt from pixelserv and also i have whitelisted in Diversion but i cannot resolve this.
And also I have high Ram usage everyday. It's that normal? I have only a few scripts installed.
Can you help me?
Thanks !
LE: Problem has been solved after reinstall of all scripts. RAM usage i think is OK regarding to discussion from bellow.
Thank you all for help.


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All our setups will be different but I would class 95% memory consumed as high also. I had a similar experience yesterday. I re-started Diversion which made no difference. I rebooted the router and then all was fine.
I had also noticed what looks like a memory leak leading up to the event - nothing near limits but a steady increase that I have not seen before.


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All our setups will be different but I would class 95% memory consumed as high also.
It's not. This has been discussed endlessly in these forums. This is Linux memory management working the way it's meant to.

His available memory is the sum of Free, Buffers and Cache. So his available memory is 409.8 MB.

Here are screenshots of my router's memory usage before and after a 1GB file is copied from it's USB drive. As you can see the unused memory (up to ~96%) is used as disk cache until it is needed for something else.

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