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Belkin Wireless Router (F5D8235-4) - Multiple Network Letters

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New Around Here
I recently purchased a new wireless router and have attached a SimpleTech 500Gb external HD to the NAS USB port. When I first installed the drive, (2) drive letters popped up - Y: & Z:

Now I show (6) drives: U, V, W, X, Y and Z... All letters represent the exact same data files, drive size, etc... Screen shot attached.

Can this be resolved?

Any thoughts and/or suggestions would be appreciated.

Tucson, AZ


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    Network U,V,W,X,Y,Z.jpg
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No - Before the firmware upgrade I had four: W, X, Y and Z... I performed the upgrade and rebooted the router and I was up to five.... I turned on a laptop I've been working on and connected to my network and now I'm up to six... At this rate, I'll be out of letters shortly...

What do the properties of the mapped drives show?

What happens when you try to delete them?

Do they appear after you reboot your computer?
What do the properties of the mapped drives show? See attached screen shot... Right now I'm down to (4) drives vs the (6) earlier... They seem to come and go as they please.

What happens when you try to delete them? Can't delete them like you would a file or directory in that they are a Network drive. The closest thing I can do is to "disconnect" them... As soon as I do, they pop back up with the drive letter I just connected...

Do they appear after you reboot your computer? Yes... As soon as I send this reply, I'll reboot and attach a new screen shot. The best I would expect would be two drives (Y and Z)... But will let you know.


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    WXYZ Propertires.jpg
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Network drive picture immediately after rebbot.... (5) drives... Screen shot attached.


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    After Reboot.jpg
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Think you're right.... I was able to unmount the drive, powered down and "disconnected" all (left the Y: because I have an application mapped to it) of the other drives... On reboot and power up I now only have two drives (Y and Z)... Will see how long that lasts.... I was up to (7) drive letters yesterday... I have a ticket into Belkin as well... If and when resolved, I'll post back... Thanks for your help.
Response from Belkin Support

"To work around for this problem, please don`t use Storage Manager, use built-in support for networking and manually disconnect the drive(s) from My Computer before rebooting the machine. Our engineers are working on it and it might be hosted on our website very soon. We don`t have information on the release date for those firmware."​

Action taken: Disabled "Belkin Storage Manager" on startup and "disconnected" all of the extra drive letters (T, U, V, W, X and Z) except for Y: and verified Y: was mapped correctly under "Map Network Drive" (i.e. \\\SimpleDrive on Belkin N+...) and rebooted.

Result: One network drive (Y)

Thanks SNB for all your help and support with this and my other network issue.

Best regards, Jim Tucson, AZ

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