Benefits of NAS???

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New Around Here
Hi everyone,

I would say I am a sole developer and I use a virtual machines to run my dev environment. I have an internal ssd for this.

Then, I have to external USB drives; one holds the source code/data/etc and I use the other one for backup.

I am considering to get a NAS bay. I can see how RAID works but I still need to backup the data.

So, I wonder whether a NAS solution will give me any additional benefits and whether it is worth.

What do you think?



Mr. Easy
Staff member
If you don't need to share your data with other machines on a network, attached storage is fine.
RAID is just a way to make a larger capacity storage volume out of smaller capacity devices. In the days before multi Terabyte capacity drives, it was a necessary evil. Today, not as much.

One advantage a RAID 1 array can provide is byte-by-byte backup. But that can be done on a machine using Intel's Rapid Storage Technology driver.


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likely not much for a solo user. It will be slower than direct attached storage. Both still require secondary backup.


New Around Here
I didn't mention that I do not really store movies/photos and put them on a big screen and this kind of things.

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