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Better Asus modem-router instead of a RT AC68U

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Hello everyone and happy 2023.

A suggestion: I have an Asus RT-AC68U router in cascade on DMZ with a HUAWEI FASTGate WIFI LAN MODEM router model DN8245F2 and it works quite well.
I would like to replace everything with a single Modem Router, also from Asus, but which has the same or better performance than the RT-AC68U.
I tried with a DSL-AC68U, but the performance was about 60% of RT-AC68U.
What do you recommend that is not too expensive and has good speed?

Thank you

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1) remove News tag, no news in this thread
2) keep the ISP provided modem for best compatibility with your ISP and get a better router, if you want

Happy New Year!
The RT-AX68U is the minimum upgrade to your network.

There are no modem/routers worth considering, imo.

What do you recommend that is not too expensive and has good speed?
Personally, I recommend against going with a modem/router combo. The day you decide to switch from DSL to cable or FTTH, you will have to trash it and buy both a new modem and a new router. Keep them separate, so they can be upgraded separately.

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