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Beware, ASUS TUF-4200 Broken firmware is back!

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Hello guys. Some of you probably heard about broken firmware "" that ASUS rolled out and pulled back some time after?
Just wanted to let you know that recently this update re-appeared and I already managed to test it on my TUF-4200 router after it asked for an update.
As you probably guessed by now - this update is still broken. Do not install!
The main issue - some wifi devices, while connect normally to your local network, do not have access to Internet. Device can be anything, Some Iphones, WDS Bridges, etc. Maybe this affects only older devices, I am not sure.
Simply rolling back to makes everything work again.
This should be checked to see what is causing the problem, because I have no problem, all my devices are connected normally and the connection is stable (TUF-AX4200).
Perhaps this is somehow related to the new feature they've added, called "Xtra Range 2.0 support". I did tried to disable it, but it had no effect on my devices. I have a WDS setup with ASUS and TP-Link routers that simply doesn't have Internet access with this update. No errors or strange log entries anywhere. Almost as if my ISP doesn't provide me with service. Except this is not ISP's fault. IPhones of the past years are the same.
The firmware created havoc here, my Macbook Pro running MacOS 13.6.5 lost its internet connection while my Android phone kept on working fine. The problem seems related to running a wifi guest network with this firmware. MBP was fine again after I disabled the guest network...
For TUF AX6000 it's available Which firmware did you installed, or
It seems they've replaced broken with Not sure what is different, but I really hope they've resolved mentioned issues... Unfortunately, for now I can not invest time to try it, reset to factory, verify and restore everything back to where it was in case of fail... If someone can - please check it out!
I tested new version (, seems to work fine with iPhone now, unlike previous.

P.S. No need to reset and restore, you can downgrade and upgrade on top of it. I did that for previous version, had no problems.
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