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Bizarre XT9 client list behavior

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I have a new XT9 mesh setup with remote administration enabled. For the most part it works extremely well.

However, I left the site the other day and logged into the XT9 remotely several hours later. Surprisingly my phone was still listed in the client list. At that moment my phone was in my pocket 150 miles away from the XT9. Refreshing the client list didn't help.

The really bizarre thing is that clicking the Optimize button produced a message telling me that my phone had successfully reconnected to the network. Huh? What could cause of such strangeness?

This isn't the first time I've seen the XT9 client list disagree with reality. As I mentioned in another thread, sometimes one or more of my IoT devices fail to reconnect because the XT9 seems to think they're already connected, but it hasn't happened with a phone until now. The Optimize function, unless it's completely faked, seems to indicate that the XT9 sometimes confuses some devices for others.

I've now seen this sort of odd client list behavior on two XT9 mesh setups. Anyone else?

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