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Brick R7800

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New Around Here
Hi. Sorry for my english(.
I bought r7800 bricks, when turned on, the power esata starts to flash alternately. If you do a reset, it normally loads, distributes wifi, enters the interface, gives you a reflash. But this is all just before the restart, then again flashes diodes. Lan ports do not work (do not blink even when the cable is connected and when reset router, dont pings is not possible to flash without lan ports. When connecting usb-uart (serial) putty displays everything is fine and you can stop the download before starting the firmware itself, call the list of commands. In the console, when invoking the tftp server startup command, we get the answer about the impossibility of start tftp for uploading fitmware. There is a debug_log made from the web interface of the router. Who can offer which solution to the problem? When flashing through gui, write errors run through the console. Can I check the performance of qca8337? Can I flash without lan ports? I will be glad to love help, I will provide everything you need to parse the problem. Nvram erase not help.


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Needs replaced then.
Get a new router.
Hm, 200usd in garbage? I dont sink so. It normaly boot after reset and all working before restart. 15usd for resoldering qca8337 is a not 200usd for a new router.

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