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Can Aimesh device lock mess up future same device connections to wifi if factory resetted?

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I hope I put this in the proper section. Few months ago I've assigned a few of my devices to use the aimesh router (for wifi) instead of my default one. Now I factory reset/installed a different firmware (Tomato) on the AIMesh router, and for some reason I can no longer assign my tapo camera to use my default wifi after I factory reset the camera. It simply won't connect to the wifi. Is it possible because I locked the tapo camera to use the aimesh router, and resetted it afterwards it screwed up? I can't think of any reason why it keeps failing. Never had any issues with my other tapo devices. Like it's attempting to put the camera on the aimesh, but can't as it no longer exists.

Just a wild guess though.
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OE is most likely correct with 'no', but did you do a full reset on all routers you're presently using, after flashing Tomato on the main one?

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