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Can one mix and match switches and routers from different brands?

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Right now I'm using a D-Link DI-624 wireless router, but I need to add a few switches/hubs for my network. If I use some Linksys switches, which seem to be pretty good and have nice rebates from ZZF, will this cause any network instability/problems?

Will I be better of going with some D-Link switches just to avoid problems, or won't it really matter?

I think you'll be fine.. I'm biased..i had a bad dlink switch and would not use theirs. Also had a tplink that would not really do gigabit....so biased against them also.. from one bad unit..lol.
Unless you're using a proprietary feature (AiMesh on Asus devices for example) then mix and match will cause no issues.

Ironically the only time I had an issue was 2 same brand switches - both ostensibly 8 port gig switches but different models from that brand. They point blank refused to auto-negotiate properly.
Per @eightiescalling, you might have some weird issues with specific equipment combinations. But there's no way to predict those in advance. By and large, if you are connecting 1Gbps-or-less ethernet ports you don't have much to worry about; those standards were sorted out years ago. Things are still a bit iffy at higher speeds though. For example, I have a Trendnet switch with 2.5Gbps ports that doesn't work entirely reliably with the up-to-10Gbps port on a recent Mac Mini (who knows which unit is more at fault). And I've heard other tales suggesting that the 2.5Gbps standard isn't quite compatible with faster ethernet specs. But I've never had a problem connecting 1Gbps-rated ports.
Integrating Linksys switches with your D-Link router shouldn't inherently cause network problems. Both brands are reliable. Ensure compatibility and choose managed or unmanaged switches based on your network's complexity. Plan your network layout and consider QoS if needed. Linksys switches should work seamlessly with your D-Link router.
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