Can you recommend me some mesh nodes to go with a AX11000 please?


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Hi folks, I've just bought (not received yet) the AX11000.

My house is a bit of a weird shape, so I definitely need a mesh network (I have used the two pack of AX92u's in the past previously - I no longer have these).

The AX11000 will be the main router.
I need two other nodes, 1 at the other end of the house that will be wired and another that will connect to the AX11000 for my wifes office that will be wireless.

Unless there's a better option, I've been looking at the two pack AX92u and also the XT8.

Is there one that will work better with the AX11000 than the other?
Especially as one node will be wired and the other wireless?

Any input is appreciated! Thanks.
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How weird can the shape of the house be? :)

How do you know that a single, well-located main router won't work for the entire area? Or, at least for the areas able to be served by the main and wired node?

Instead of a wireless node, can your wife's office work efficiently with a router in Media Bridge mode instead (in addition to the optimizations suggested above)?

Can you provide a diagram, distances, construction materials used, and the actual results you had with the RT-AX92's? Why did you get rid of them (and now seem to be considering them again)?

In short, more information is required. Not a good chance of someone being active on this forum with your particular and specific (and vague) requirements that would be able to give a reply that had a shot of being 'correct' for you (and your network environment).


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I have an AX11000 and AiMeshed off of it I have a wireless GT-AC5300, a wired AX82U (gundam), and a pair of AX92U one wired and one wireless. They've all been fine.

The only ones that have given me issues is an overall cranky RT-AC5300 and the AX89X

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