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Comcast wants me to upgrade

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Now SNB Forum members want you to upgrade your 10+ years old RT-AC68U. What you are going to do about it? 🤪
One device at a time or I get confused. The AC68 is next.
Midsplit works fine on any next gen supported modem. Being 3.1 is not the issue.
Having no problems here with Xfinity’s changes.
My home was wired with Cat5E by the previous owner, and I have loads of 1 gbps unmanaged switches around my large home. I don't anticipate upgrading the in-wall wiring and all the switches. None of my wired equipment can go faster than 1 gigabit anyway.

Cat5e will give you 10gbps speed out to a distance of about 45 meters/almost 150 feet.

If you have internet runs that long in your house, apparently you live in Wayne Manor, and Alfred, your butler, can pull Cat6a for you later!
I wonder what I should be seeing for upstream stats other than this. Channel 1 operating perhaps?
Comcast updated my modem while I wasn't looking. I'm now getting the 200 Mbps upload speeds. A happy ending!

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