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Connections Per Client

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Love the firmware! Please consider adding a area or way to track the number of connections per IP address. This is needed for tracking down misbehaving clients. You can manually track them if you have QoS on and sort the list, but for large networks or ones with tons of connections this isn't very feasible. Thanks.
You can also use the System Log -> Connections page, where you can sort the list by clicking on the headers.
Yup and both of those are the same as looking at the QoS classification page, even if you can see the whole list, it's still a very large list depending on the number of connections and IPs that are on your network. It's actually more difficult to sort with either of those two methods as you can't filter easily like you can in the QoS page.

I don't think this is something you think about unless you have a 50+ devices on your network. While it seems feasible for you to look at a small list and then pick out the outlier, when you have large lists it's not straightforward, especially when the number of connections changes as well as IPs on a regular basis.

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