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Corrupet files aver the lan

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Corrupted files over the lan


an other problem

I notice that if I trasfer via samba or ftp some files get corrupted. I used md5sum to test the integrity of the files and the results are in the attached file (reel = directory). the server is running an atheros NIC under ubuntu the desktop is running XP and a marvell yukon NIC. All Nics are integrated in the motherboard. For what I can see the problem is in of the desktop NIC when I try to downloads the files from the server, I'm right? Suggestions (drivers on the desktop are updated)?

Unluckly I can't test the files on the notebook because the program to open the files can't be installed on it

note to read the file

originali = original / starting files
reel = directory
fisso = desktop




  • md5final.txt
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