Could this help me to get better/stable internet?


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I have a Tenda f3 (V4.0) router i think this is current latest, using it as main router, a wire coming from my isp directly to the modem, isp have a fiber modem near my house from which a ethernet cable attaches to my router (f3), it requires a username and password to access internet (i tried to connect on Tp-link device as PPPoE but failed i don't know what protocol it is). My internet connection speed is 10Mbps.

The issue i am getting is after connecting 5-10 devices on my internet device i know bandwidth is divided, but why does the web interface take enough time to load? it does not have any link with internet speed.. this means my device slows down on load..? I also have a Tp link TL-WR841N(D) V7 its a old device i know, but used to work good and i think is better than tenda f3 latest still... i was thinking to keep f3 as main router without wifi signals, and connect tplink to it with ethernet and spread wifi from tplink, will this help me to speed up device and divide load or something like that?


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The Tenda F3 is a very weak router by today's standards (300HMz single core CPU, 32MB RAM, wireless N, 2.4GHz only, 100Mbps WAN/LAN ports, etc.). Anything you can do to offload duties to other hardware is going to help. But to be honest, there comes a point when you need to consider more modern equipment. I'm not saying you have to spend $200-300 for AX routers w/ more features than you need. But you should be able to find more reasonably priced AC routers w/ much better specs.



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It's probably a wash HW wise between the Tenda and the TP-Link, but the TP-Link will have much better software relatively speaking...

OP might consider the Archer C5, fairly inexpensive, and as a 2 stream 802.11ac device with gigabit ethernet...

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