Cross flashing Qualcomm/Arris W6B to W6U?


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There is a great review of Qualcomm/Arris' 6ghz only AP offering here:

I'm noticing there is a bridge mode pair of these units, W6B ($300) that appear to be identical hardware to the W6U ($200). Is there any hope of that qualcomm/arris hasn't locked down the means of cross flashing the firmware on these units short of opening them up and jumping pins or something to force flash?


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If there's $$ involved, there is no hope.


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If it's just a board ID difference in the firmware you could easily. Thats how one could cross flash between the R7800 and XR500 for example... Otherwise might require more work.


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QC-Atheros on their newer chipsets can support SecureBoot...

It's a one time thing for board selection options...

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