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Hi so I'm stuck with my current setup that I've posted about before of a AC3100 and 2x AC68U's
I've installed merlin on them all and they used to work fine but are now experiencing droppage, theres 3 floors to my house including the basement and the modem comes in from the basement, recently i've strung cable from the basement rafts all the way over to my work bench and moved my parent router there so that it is directly under the first floor's AC68U
also today I've configured the first AC68U to be a Repeater, and the other AC68U is a media bridge and connects to the repeaters SSID,
With that I can only get 40Mbps from my PC on that top floor AC68U, I used to be able to use the Asuswrt mesh functionality but then they did something and caused the routers to not work anymore, which is why i switched to merlin.
I know these aren't the most reliable but I wonder if i've just configured things wrong, I'm just a novice.
What could I be doing wrong.

Also I'm planning on buying TPLink Routers next because our old deco's we have are more reliable and also placed in the distances (the only problem with those we had is that they would overheat.
Also Also we get 1Gbps Fiber from Altafiber, Unfortunately I can't do any wiring or anything so im stuck with wireless communications.
Also Also we get 1Gbps Fiber from Altafiber

It's your choice what to buy next, but if you are limited to wireless backhaul a tri-band system will work better with your Gigabit ISP. Deco is pretty solid, but tri-band systems are not cheap. If you go with dual-band model the throughput to satellite connected clients will be cut in half due to retransmissions (the same radio used for backhaul and clients).
I would try again with stock Asuswrt on all routers. Hard reset, set fixed channels in non-DFS range, the rest close to default settings. If it doesn't work - roll back nodes one firmware and try again. If it still doesn't work - roll back nodes to main router's firmware level (386_48260 and 386_48262).
Thanks, I was going to try contacting asus but maybe this will work, I just don't get why theres issues now
Okay, I've factory reset everything and I have my 2 AC68U's as Repeaters, My AC3100 is recieving 500Mbps (I pay for 1Gbps), and first floor gets 400MBps, and 3rd floor is 200Mbps, and is stable, I don't have any disconnects, just higher latency and more SSID's
And your AC68Us still refuse to work as AiMesh nodes? You can have the same SSID as parent AP in Repeater mode if you want to. Keep in mind repeaters (and dual-band wireless AiMesh nodes) also suffer throughput loss from retransmissions. Each hop reduces the throughput by 1/2.
Yeah I'm aware of the loss, and I tried setting the 68U to an AI Mesh but It wouldn't let me, it'd get to like 36% and fail, I set all the routers up on my work bench so they were all right next to each other (I worked on one 68u and before working on the other so I know they weren't interfering or anything),
Also Previous attempts with doing a repeater on the same SSID resulted in alot of random disconnects.
If you have no options to replace the setup at the moment you have to invest time and find what works for you with what you already have. The routers are pretty old though and at the end of support and usable life. At some point you have to look at better solution to your Wi-Fi needs.

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