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D-Link, DIR-825 OR DAP-2553

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New Around Here
Hi All,

Very quick question,
I'm about to upgrade my access point and would like your opinions on the D-Link DIR-825 and DAP-2553 I'm not interested in lan functionality, only which has the best wifi in terms of range and throughput at both 2.4 and especially 5ghz range as this is what I intend to run it as. I run a Radius server so I'm not sure if that has any bearing. It looks like the DAP-2553 should be better but I've not been able to find any tests/reviews etc for it.

Thanks for all your help, and found your site really helpful.
I haven't tested the DAP-2553, so can't comment.

Note that the DAP-2553 is single radio and the 825 is dual.

In general, 5GHz range is significantly lower than 2.4 GHz. I don't have any reason to believe that the DAP-2553 has made any advances in this.

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