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(DEAD) Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro $279

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I hate having to create cloud accounts to administer stuff on the LAN. That's one reason I like ASUS routers compared to other consumer-grades.

What is the hard drive for?
What is the hard drive for?

For NVR. Ubiquiti has security cameras as well.

This device is quite large size though. Not sure it's good for home use.

If you want UniFi home system on a budget - Dream Router + U6 Pro. It has everything including PoE for 2x APs.
Got rid of it years ago. Now all my system components perhaps fit in a larger size grocery bag and do the same thing.

I want one UniFi Express set though. I want to see what it is. Not available at the moment in my country, but coming soon.

@Gar, monitor the price and availability in Canada, please. Thank you! 🫡
Express not available here either it looks like. Maybe a lot of folks want that model.
Snatched a UDM-SE years ago when it was constantly OOS...but never ever opened the box.

Yesterday I was trying to dust it off and overhaul my home network, and what popped out was instead a PoE switch...

Coz my memory had failed me. For some reason I returned the UDM-SE for that switch thinking about future PoE devices...which never materialized.

Now I need a gateway and then I found this, and pulled the trigger. Can't justify the SE markup really. HW specs are the same except for lack of PoE, 2.5Gbe WAN and SSD.

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