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Tutorial Debian 12 Bookworm + Plex Media Server (Asus RT-AX86S)

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If everything's working as expected for you otherwise, that warning can be disregarded. I believe the router doesn't offer pseudo-terminal devices, hence the complaint (should've complained about that at startup too?).
5 - prepare Debian's init.d script

By default, all subdirs of /tmp/mnt/ (except the Entware partition) will be bind-mounted on chrooted Debian's /mnt/ (making them visible by Plex Media Server).​
First of all thank you for this guide it was very helpfull and just in time.

But i have a problem with this. Directories are not binding at all.
I used an old TeHashX script and it's working but this one does not. Could you check it?

UPD: Neverind, found a fix, in S99debian i changed "/mnt/*" to "/mnt/sda1/media*".

But this error still happens every time when "debootstrap"
"/opt/sbin/debootstrap: line 467: command: not found"
Debian installs though and seems working fine...

Also, there are two errors after debian installation (at least for me), the one with "Setting locale failed" and the one with "No usable dialog-like program...".
But it can be fixed by:
apt install whiptail apt install locales-all
and restarting debian.
Maybe this information helps someone.

@bbeny123 added this guide to AsusMerlin wiki on github. Thank you again for this guide it was very helpfull.
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