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  1. V

    Oplock break failed

    I have a couple of hard drives connected to my RT-AC86U. These hard drives act as NAS for the Plex Server on Nvidia Shield. Since the firmware version (released on 05-09-2019), I randomly get the message below in the router log whenever Plex needs to play a file: "Oplock break...
  2. B

    Plex missing/wont start on R9000

    Hello, I am a long time user of Plex and have two servers. Today I noticed that the backup server that is on my R9000 wasn't available The "Enable Plex" checkbox on the router's Plex page has now changed to "Download and enable Plex". And the Plex version information at the bottom of the...
  3. N

    Nvidia Shield TV PLEX Server Slow Access to Asus RT-AC68U USB HDD

    My setup is an NVIDIA Shield TV Pro (2019) running a PLEX server with the media stored on a hard drive plugged into my Asus RT-AC68U (Merlin Firmware 384.17) acting as a NAS. I moved the USB drive from the Shield as it would loose access to the plugged in HDD for some reason. Having it on the...
  4. M

    GT-AX11000, VPN and Plex

    Hi All, I'm struggling with how to enable remote access to Plex while using a VPN. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this. I've got an Asus GT-AX11000 running the latest firmware ( I've got my Plex server running on a Synology DS918+. Everything worked...
  5. solstyce

    AC68U LAN wake-on-lan for Plex server

    I have an Intel NUC8 as my Plex server, and I'm trying to get it to automatically WOL on network requests to its IP on the Plex port (32400 IIRC). I had expected it would work like my NAS and be able to wake on any request but found I need to do some customization. I have an ASUS RT-AC68U...
  6. D

    Synology Diskstation/ASUS Router/VPN/Plex????

    Hi to anyone out there, I have a small query based on the setup of ExpressVPN on my network whilst still allowing 'remote access' to my Plex account when all my media is stored on my Synology DiskStation. Currently I have the the VPN setup on my ASUS DSL-AC68U (running Merlin firmware) which...
  7. M

    Can't see Network Folders from Ready Share r7800...Please help.

    This has driven me CRAZY all day long. I updated my stupid firmware on my r7800 and it screwed up my External drive share that I use with Plex. Making a long story short, I am trying the latest Voxel custom firmware now. I see a gateway in Win 10 but still do not see shared (readyshare) usb...
  8. Technolink

    [Answered] Question with iptables FORWARD log

    Hey everyone, I followed this guide to setup WOL for a Plex server using iptables to log when a certain port is forwarded to, then a while loop in wan-start that picks up on the log and does a WOL for the Plex server. This worked great for the last year, but I noticed a few weeks ago it...
  9. J

    4-bay NAS for Plex, Kodi, 24x7 Surveillance, NZB downloader and VM

    As per title, is there a 4-bay NAS that allows me to the following at the same time? or should I just build my own NAS with high CPU and Memory to accommodate this?(Although my plan is to save electricity using nas box) Priority: - Connect through HDMI (1080p is okay, no need 4K) and run Kodi -...
  10. B

    Plex Remote Access on asuswrt Merlin close but not working

    Hi, I'm new, so my apologies in advance if have I screwed up, or omit an important part. I have an ASUS RT-AC5300 router with Asuwrt-Merlin 380.68 and am using ExpressVPN. I have the VPN working using OpenVPN. I route all traffic over the VPN. I have created exceptions for Amazon FireTV...
  11. thiggins

    Sponsored: Running Plex On A Router Is Better

    There's no need to run Plex on a dedicated server any more. Read on SmallNetBuilder
  12. Mr_HoneyDo

    Should I replace/upgrade my WRT1900AC (MU-MIMO vs Xstream)

    Let me set the stage, I've been using SNB for years reading reviews and posts to make informed decisions, for that I thank you all its been a non-replacable resource, but this is my first post to the forum and I believe these questions belong on this page. I've also tried to find answers to the...
  13. A

    Bypass Plex traffic on router running vpn client, Working good so far, Testing for few days

    Everything seems working as I intended, still testing for anything I may have missed. I found this script reddit by a user name: Scare_norm The script placed in /jffs/scripts/ as (note: with extension .sh) #!/bin/sh logger "Starting Plex static route script..." #Fetch...
  14. SunrisePro

    Any way to install Plex on an R7000?

    Or is much better hardware needed to handle the transcoding? I find the R7000's built-in DLNA to be unreliable, even though the storage with the media is connected directly to it.
  15. toufiq47


    just found out that the new netgear router X10 can host a full functional plex server OMG!! i already tried plex on my RT-AC 87u and that was a success!! you can also try it out my request is @merlin can you compile plex in next...
  16. Julio Urquidi

    NETGEAR's New Nighthawk Has 10GbE and 802.11ad

    NETGEAR's R9000 Nighthawk X10 joins TP-LINK's Talon AD7200 as the second consumer router to include 60 GHz 802.11ad connectivity. The company says 802.11ad will support 4K video streaming, high-speed file transfer and low-latency VR gaming when paired with 802.11ad devices. The new quad stream...
  17. K

    Redirect to local URL by using a name

    Hi all, I´m running Merlin WRT version 380.61 on my RT-AC68U. I´m new to the Merlin WRT and I hope you can help me out with the configuration here. I´m running a Plex server on one of my pcs. I want to make the access via web easier for my roommates. Instead of typing...
  18. N

    User Script needed to run Emby/Plex/Kodi outside of OpenVPN

    I currently have a script that works just fine for Aria & qBittorent...going through the OpenVPN tunnel via AirVPN. #!/bin/sh # /////////////////////////////// # // Tunnel 4 # /////////////////////////////// # Media Center - Aria iptables -I FORWARD -i tun14 -p udp -d --dport...