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Decoding RT-AC86U

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New Around Here
First off I would like to thank the lot of you, as reading threads and posts here helped me decide on this Asus router. Though money was not an issue, things here were so well articulated here, it helped understand my own needs and bite the right bullet. Imagine I was going to buy Nighthawk X10!!!

Just a little help with a few things that I need to understand keeping security in mind:

1) Have switched on pretty much everything in AiProtection (Network). However, there's just one risk alert. UPnP. If I disable this, I think the only other way I can get Plex remote access working is by port forwarding. However, even enabling port forward brings up a risk alert on the router. So, wondering which is the lesser evil to opt for.

2) In NAT type, should I opt for Fullcone or Symmetric? Asking because, on another internet ISP connection, at home, I have Alphion ARGT 1040 modem, which has the full cone selected. This, of course, came preset from the ISP.

3) I use my Synology NAS DS916+ for Time Machine backup. This was working fine with my earlier Netgear R8000, but now there seems to be some issue (pic enclosed). Is this because, I have enabled pretty much every security measure I know of like AiProtection, Firewall and DoS Protection?

Help will be greatly appreciated.

Time Machine .jpg

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