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  1. sfx2000

    TimeMachine, Network Backups, and macOS Big Sur and Monterey

    Good article on updates that Apple has done for MacOS 11 and 12 - as of Big Sur, TimeMachine can and does by default, use APFS in the SparseBundle image for networked backups... Note that it will not convert an HFS+ image to an APFS image, to make use of APFS, one does have to start over with...
  2. garycnew

    [DEVEL] Asuswrt-Merlin Time Capsule/Machine Repair

    ### NOTE: This Time Capsule/Machine Repair is Specific to the Asuswrt-Merlin (with Netatalk) Implementation ### Well... It finally happened. After over a year of flawless Time Machine backups to my Asuswrt-Merlin Time Capsule, I am receiving the dreaded error message: "Time Machine completed...
  3. D

    Time Machine restore: Can't find restore source

    Hi, Time machine seems to work fine as long as you are in the OS, but I can't figure out how to attach to it from the System Restore screens when you Command R at startup and rescue your computer. The Time Machine doesn't show as an option from the Select a Restore Source screen, and choosing...
  4. I

    Time Machine (and Other) Errors

    Hi, My syslog is pretty active and showing as below. My questions are: * What is going on with the Time Machine backup hooked to my RT-AX88U? Note some of the smudged texts are my router login and others are one volume from a device trying to wirelessly sync to it. * What is the error with...
  5. toaruScar

    mDNS name drifting on ZenWiFi XT8

    I've got this issue where the mDNS name of my router keeps changing or -should I say- increasing. What do I mean by "mDNS name"? One of my router's hostname is set to `ZenWiFi_XT8-Main`, so it's reachable at `zenwifi_xt8-main.local`, and this ".local" name is the mDNS name. What is the...
  6. Terribl3

    Decoding RT-AC86U

    First off I would like to thank the lot of you, as reading threads and posts here helped me decide on this Asus router. Though money was not an issue, things here were so well articulated here, it helped understand my own needs and bite the right bullet. Imagine I was going to buy Nighthawk...
  7. O

    RT-AC68U Time Machine Drive showing < 1GB free

    Been working to set up time machine on since I bought this router without success. Have a 2TB WD My Passport Ultra that I was successfully using with an old Airport for a long time without issue. On the AC68U I can only see what is presumably the wrong partition (sda3) with a total space of just...
  8. W

    AC86U USB Drives not recognized & Time Machine not working

    I'm a novice at routers. I bought this router based upon reviews and the fact that they advertise that you can use if for Mac Time Machine backups. I've contact ASUS and while they are very nice - they're not at all helpful. They don't seem to grasp the nature of the problem. I have two...
  9. H

    Structure for Media/Time Machine/Windows Backup

    Hi, I recently purchased a Synology Disk Station 218+ with 2 x 3Tb HDD, and a 6Tb External HDD. I'm looking for thoughts on how to structure these drives to accomplish my goals. My goal is to setup a network drive that hosts all of our family's media (pictures, music, videos) so that they are...
  10. D

    Home Wireless Router Suggestion

    Hey all! Looking for advice on the best wireless solution for my home. I have a 2,400 sq ft single story condo which includes a finished basement – main level is 1,300 sq ft. I currently have cable internet (65 Mbps top speed) with an Airport Extreme Base station and an Airport Express using...
  11. R

    Time Machine Issues

    Recently, I tried to setup on a 68u and an 88u with the same result. The router see's and mounts an unencrypted drive but when I select the path all i get is the apparently hidden and tiny Boot_OS_x partition. The drives have existing time machine backups and plenty of free space. The several...
  12. Doomer

    How to get log? AC68U freezing after TimeMachine and file sharing enabled

    Please, how can I discover the issue in my router and look for a solution? My router is freezing after some days alive, this issue happened after to connect an external hard drive and enable both Time Machine and File Sharing for it. Thanks a lot and regards
  13. mathel71

    RT-AC66U Time Machine backups

    Is it possible to enable wireless Time Machine backups for Macs to a USB HDD connected to my RT-AC66U? I might be confused, but it seems like there is a possibility by looking here: https://www.asus.com/support/faq/1004458/ I don't, however, have the Time Machine app under USB apps, is there a...