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Dell Wireless 1830 woes...

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Hi all. I was hoping someone may be able to shed some light, or provide me with a starting point for solving a problem. I have a Dell XPS15 i7 with built in Dell Wireless 1830 802.11ac.

I have no problem activating or disabling the adapter, or getting that adapter to connect to my router. I can remove it, and plug and play always finds it and installs it - so I'm fairly happy that the actual hardware is not at fault.

What actually happens though is that it will be working fine, and it will then just stop sending or receiving anything for minutes at a time which is a real arse when streaming or browsing the web. Whilst still connected to the router etc. I've tried updating the drivers but this seems to have no effect, and I've had a look at all of the settings for the adapter under device manager, but changing these worries me.

This started after one of the recent major Windows 10 updates from MS so I'm sure they have fcked it up somewhere, but I also thought perhaps a virus etc. but I'm pretty sure it's not.

I did have a look through some of the logs, but nothing jumps out, and I'm actually having to use a 5g usb dongle as a replacement for the built in Wi-Fi - and that works without issue.

Was hoping someone my have seen this before, or perhaps can point me in the direction of what a cause of it might be (generally).

Many thanks in advance.
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