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Solved Wireless Scheduler on TP-Link EAP110

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Are you familiar with TP-Link's UI for these access points?

I would like to set up a schedule to (for example) turn off the AP's radio from 9pm to 7am. The interface is a tad un-obvious. It seems easy enough to enable the scheduler, create and modify a profile, associate it to the desired SSID, and define it as a "Radio OFF" event (see image below), however:

I can't enter (for example) a start time of 21:00 and an end time of 07:00. The interface gives an error, telling me that the end time must be greater than the start time. In the image, you can see that I can set up a "Radio ON" schedule from 7am to 9pm. The radio's initial condition is the ON state, of course, so I'm not sure this will work - guess I can find out soon!

02 Wireless, Scheduler, Enable.jpg

03 Wireless, Scheduler, Profile.jpg

Does the scheduler only associate and run one profile? For example if I create two "Radio OFF" events to satisfy the UI's requirement
that (end time > start time), I could create one from 9pm to midnight (23:59) and one from midnight to 07:00. (I don't like the one-minute gap, but...)

Or does this work 'the other way?' Can I disable the radio on the "Wireless Settings" page and set a "Radio ON" event from 07:00 to 21:00? Does the scheduler override the radio checkbox setting on "Wireless Settings" page?

01 Wireless, Wireless Settings, Radio.jpg

Thanks for the insight.

In case it's helpful, firmware version is shown here...

06 Status, Device, FW Ver etc crop.jpg
Did a test, of course. It appears that, if you create a "Radio ON" event in the scheduler, the radio turns OFF when the event time window expires, so doing this is as simple as entering the ON event- no OFF event needed.

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