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DIR-655 strange multicast/igmp issue

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Through my fiber internet connection I also get a IPTV signal, and if I use the Linksys WRP400 that the ISP provided I'm able to get a TV signal, but the TV signal begin to break up when I download at max speed.

Here's the strange bit. If I, after TV has the signal, moved the WAN and TV over to the DIR-655 (I have cloned the routers MAC address since the ISP have a two hour lock out on the MAC address, and the both have the same internal gateway address), then the tv signal lives on and I can enjoy the speed and features of the DIR-655.

But if I cut the power to the TV boks (Tilgin 400-020 by the way) and turn it back on it cant connect to the ISP server but is stuck with the message: Unable to join serials carousel.

So the DIR-655 is able to handle the signal as long as it has been kickstarted by the WRP400, but it's unable to connect on it's own.

Any ideas on how to fix this - I have tried to downgrade to firmware 1.11 (as suggested in http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r21990717-Help-Me-DLink-DIR655-problem-receiving-IPTV) but the DIR-655 claims that it's an invalid file (grabbed from the dlink.dk site - guess that the hardware revision A4 doesn't allow downgrades)...
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Th eproblem is very specific and dependant on your service providers infrastructure...

Who's your ISP?
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